Royal Dutch Airlines KLM takes parting shot at Mexico after Netherlands' stunning World Cup comeback

Stay classy, KLM.

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines, took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to take a parting shot at Mexico after the Netherlands made a stunning comeback against El Tri in a World Cup Round of 16 game in Brazil.

"Adios Amigos! #NEDMEX" read the tweet posted on KLM's official account that included a picture of a departures sign featuring a sombrero-wearing caricature.

The tweet immediately went viral and led to a number of angry replies.

"Leave it to @KLM to be racist & mean about a World Cup game. I am no longer a customer," said one outraged fan.

"@KLM are bastards for rubbing their nose in it," said another.

"Dutch arrogance at it's finest. KLM just lost 100% of it's Mexican customers."

The tweet that so many found offensive appears to have been removed from KLM's feed, but not before being retweeted nearly 10,000 times.