New (Low-Res) GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TV Spot And More Promo Art Surface

Along with even more promotional artwork, which features Nova Corpsmen and a glimpse of Yondu, another television spot has aired for Guardians of the Galaxy and emerged online. Check it out!

For two years, director James Gunn has dedicated his life to bringing Guardians of the Galaxy to the big-screen, and as the Marvel Studios adaptation nears its August release date, so ends work on the space epic flick. In light of that, the director has taken to Facebook to vent about being in the final days of post-production, how he'll miss developing Rocket Raccoon, and why he is probably in need of a break. "I swear, I've gotten angry with filmmakers like Ridley Scott and George Lucas who can't let go of their old films and want to keep going back and offering up different versions, but I can easily see myself doing that now," fessed James Gunn on the social networking service.

"This is essentially my last week of actually making Guardians of the Galaxy," he continued. "It's been two years straight and I've starting to become terrified of actually having to STOP. But on July 7 I leave for Singapore to begin the press tour so I suppose I really have no choice. There isn't much left. I'm still playing with the sound mix and the 3D and the DI (digital intermediate - basically the color-timing) - and there are some outstanding visual effects shots. But I still want to do what I can with what I have left to make the most stunning film I can for you guys on August 1! I think the Marvel producers are starting to understand my almost psychotic inability to be happy with anything, and to pick apart things to the very bitter end. They're going to have to tear this movie from my bloody grip. Aagh. I'm starting to get very sad every time I think of how I'm going to miss all of the people I've been working with side-by-side for the past two years. And - to show you how strange I really am - I get teary-eyed when I think of how I won't be working with Rocket (at least for a little while). He's been the center of my life for a long time now, and I've come to love the little son-of-a-bitch. Really."

James Gunn then wrapped up his thoughts with: "Let's be honest. I'm getting teary-eyed now writing those words. And yes that may be a sign that I really am in need of a break.
But for now, it's back to work. Love to you all. Have a fantastic weekend." What do you think?

#gotgpicoftheday Me trying on an early prototype of the Star-Lord lenses. The visibility wasn't that bad (well not until @prattprattpratt had to wear them while running through pouring rain on the first day of shooting). Our head of visual development Charlie Wen designed dozens of eye shapes. But, unlike most superheroes these days, who go to the extremes trying to be 'cool' or tough, I wanted Quill's look to convey wonder, awe, and innocence. He is in a perpetual state of surprise. I actually kept have the props guys making the eyes bigger and bigger until Quill looked like an oversized fly. Then even I realized I had gone too far. ______________________________
I'll be posting a #GotG behind-the-scenes pic-of-the-day every day here on Instagram until #guardiansofthegalaxy is released on August 1 (and beyond).

A new international poster for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy has been released, putting the spotlight on Chris Pratt's Star-Lord as the rest of the quirky superhero team surround him in some familiar poses.

Zoe Saldana says she didn’t do any special training or dieting to fit into the skin tight outfit worn by the alien assassin Gamora in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

“This suit makes me know that at 35 my ass is still like ‘Okay!’ [laughs]” Saldana told SFX magazine. “We’re past crossing lines here in the most healthy, beautiful way possible, where you get great compliments and you feel ‘I still got it.’”

Looks aren’t everything. The actress refuses to play the girlfriend role, instead opting for strong women like Gamora, whose fighting style she compares to that of a bullfighter.

“She’s a female, too, so she’s seducing whatever prey she’s about to kill,” Saldana explained. “That’s what a bullfighter does, they seduce the bull and the bull, willingly almost, throws himself to his own death. So that I thought was really interesting and kinda sexy.”

Guardians of the Galaxy release date: August 1, 2014.