"We Were Like Chocolate & Vanilla" -- Liz Hasselbeck on Sherri's "View" Departure


Elisabeth Hasselbeck knows better than anyone how quickly things can change at The View, but even she was stunned by the news of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy's departures on Thursday, June 26. Reacting to the cast shake-up on Friday's episode of Fox & Friends, the former View co-host admitted she didn't see it coming.

"I was shocked, in some ways," Hasselbeck, who left the morning show in 2013, said on air. Then, in response to a question from her co-host Steve Doocy about whether Shepherd herself was shocked, she added, "I'm sure. Even if you think that might happen one day, I'm sure it would come across to be a shock."

We were like Peas and Carrots - Liz and ICollapse )