Owl City debuts music video for 2014's probable summer anthem

As far as inescapable hits go, Owl City has a knack for writing especially uplifting ones. His Carly Rae Jepsen collab "Good Time" helped The Midsummer Station go double platinum, reaching the Top 10 in a handful of countries around the globe. Now, he's returning with the Ultraviolet EP, a follow-up of sorts, which features another upbeat lead single: "Beautiful Times" featuring Lindsey Stirling. In its whimsical music video, which you can watch exclusively here today, a magical little star comes and turns a child's bedroom upside down.

According to Owl City, known offstage as Adam Young, the optimism in the song and video was mirrored on the set. "It was a blast shooting 'Beautiful Times' because the film crew was such a fun bunch of people to be around," he tells Rolling Stone. "I've been on a few sets where everyone is on edge and it throws the whole thing off. A positive atmosphere really makes all the difference in the world."

Not long after his "Fireflies" breakout, Young broke down the origin of his music's dreamy edge: "About two years ago I was working at a Coca-Cola warehouse all day. It allowed me to sort of dream up these projects. One wound up being Owl City. I thought through how I wanted it to sound, how I wanted the records to look, everything. Sometimes working in a monotonous environment can really free up your imagination."


Yasss Adam is back and coming for the charts. Ultraviolet is a great EP and giving me major Ocean Eyes vibes <3