Supermodel Adriana Lima Spills on Her Workout Secrets, Aging Gracefully, and Losing the Baby Weight

Yes, even supermodels sweat! Wetpaint Entertainment was recently invited to join Victoria Secret supermodel Adriana Lima for an #UrbanJungleWorkout last month at the chic NYC Aerospace gym, and it wasn’t just about the kickboxing, as Adriana was raising money for a charity close to her heart — The St. Luke Foundation for Haiti.

After the hardcore workout, Wetpaint Entertainment got the exclusive scoop on how the supermodel juggles motherhood, working out, and how she got back in shape just in time to strut the catwalk for the Victoria Secret show.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How has motherhood changed you?
Adriana Lima: It’s the best gift of life. For me to be able to create life, I feel very blessed … And those two little girls, they’re so amazing. They change me in so many different ways. They teach me so much — how to be more patient. All your priorities in life change after you have a kid. All of a sudden, like everything else in the world is not important. The most important thing is your children.

What are your favorite cheat foods?
I love cupcakes. They are great.

Do you workout with any of your Victoria’s Secret friends?
Doutzen [Kroes]. Right now she’s expecting a baby so she’s like the greatest workout partner. And she’s really strong too. [We] support each other actually.

During your last pregnancy you gained 40 pounds. How did you lose the weight so quickly and get into shape for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?
Well I don’t think I lost everything, but I did my best. You know honestly nobody forced me. [I was like] I’m just gonna go work out, eat healthy, and lets see what happens. So, day by day it was a struggle. I did not know that I was going to be able to be in the show. I found out four or five days before the actual show, so it wasn’t easy.

Do you notice your body changing as you get older? Do you have to work harder?
Yes your body does change. Everything changes once you grow up. The way you carry yourself, your values, your body. But you know I’m not afraid, I’m happy about becoming older. I actually prefer how I look right now then when I was younger. And also there is something that comes with age … you become more confident, you know. I’m going to embrace aging with no problem, and I’m going to continue working out … hopefully until I’m 70 or more.

Any secret beauty product to share?
[Adriana holds up Amazon flavored water] Truly, in Brazil, its great for your skin. It’s a great form of hydration ... there is a trick that I use — which is if you wet a cotton pad with cold coconut water for your puffy eyes, you put it on your face and its refreshing.