HDD: Did Katy tell her management team to get rid of Selena?

Unfortunately for Selena, talk that she left Direct Management has now been silenced by reports that she was in fact fired by none other than Katy Perry.

Back in April, fans of both stars rejoiced when Gomez joined ‘Direct’, the management company at which Perry is signed to.
Alas, despite stripping her parents of the managerial role they played in her career to sign with them, ‘Direct‘ has now given Gomez her marching orders, thanks to- according to a report published by ‘Hits Daily Double‘- the competitive Katy and her day-to-day manager Bradford Cobbs.
That’s right, after giving the company her blessing and allegedly earning an undisclosed amount from Selena‘s ‘Direct‘ deal, Perry reportedly “changed her mind” once the ink had dried, prompting bosses Martin Kirkup and Steve Jensen to kick Gomez to the curb.

Hits Daily Double reports:
Direct, has a whispering campaign that they fired Selena after Katy and her day-to-day manager, Bradford Cobb, changed their minds. It’s a classic example of a big act and day-to-day rep calling the shots for a management company’s entire business. This same scenario has played out time and time again in the volatile management world. But given how big Katy is now—not to mention the size of those commission checks—how could they argue with her?

Soon after learning this, Selena called on Jennifer Aniston‘s manager Aleen Kesheshian and has now signed with the industry power player, while enlisting Bruno Mars‘ ‘WME’ representative, Sarah Newkirk, to serve as her agent.
This, all in a bid to steer her Pop career to higher ground once her contract with ‘Disney’ ends, set to be completed with the release of a greatest hits collection.
Once released and promoted, Gomez will then find herself tasked with finding a home at a major recording label as a free agent, doing so with the help of her brand new agent, manager and music.

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