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Forbes Goes in on Universal for Sexism, Kicking Kristen Stewart out of Snow White Sequel

Snow White and the Huntsman, a successful female-centric fantasy film starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White, is getting a sequel that will apparently not feature Kristen Stewart or Snow White.

Well, consider this two years of disconcerting rumor and conjecture confirmed. The Hollywood Reporter uh… reported that Frank Darabont is in talks to direct a spin-off to Snow White and the Huntsman HUN +0.5% for Universal (a division of Comcast CMCSA +0.85% Corp.). The film will be titled The Huntsman. The spin-off will allegedly feature Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as the “huntsman” from Snow White and the Huntsman and Charlize Theron will apparently reprise her role as the wicked queen despite her character suffering from a slight case of death in the first film. What is now official (according to the trade) is that Kristen Stewart will not be back as Snow White. Sadly this was the plan all along.

There was conjecture in late summer 2012 that Universal might go forward with a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman sans Snow White after pictures surfaced featuring Ms. Stewart and the film’s director (Rupert Sanders) committing romantic indiscretions (Sanders was married while Stewart was in a relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson). In truth, Universal had talked about a Chris Hemsworth spin-off before the first film even opened. Universal successfully sold Snow White and the Huntsman as a female-empowerment action fantasy partially on the drawing power of Kristen Stewart all-the-while plotting to toss her out of the franchise in favor of a male-centric spin-off.

Kristen Stewart delivered but basically lost her job to a man anyway.Collapse )


Eaux at Universal.  Feel free to turn this into a sexism in Hollywood wank post...
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