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Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna Hit Kickstarter to Bring Ambulante Project to California

Mexican actor-director-producers Gael Garcíá Bernal and Diego Luna are seeking to bring their traveling documentary festival, Ambulante, to the U.S.--and they're crowd-sourcing funds on Kickstarter to help them do it.

Ambulante began 10 years ago as a documentary festival that would move around Mexico, bringing new audiences together in public spaces to share in the experience of watching new films. According to Ambulante, the group's mission is to "reach[] areas with limited access to film to diversify and democratize documentary culture." Eventually, the festival's creators hope to set up Ambulantes globally, each run by the local community and responding to the needs of the region.

First, though, they have their sights on California, with the help of the Ford Foundation. From September 21 to October 4, Ambulante plans to screen one documentary per night in different neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area, all for free. Past documentaries that Ambulante has screened include "Which Way Home," "Searching for Sugar Man," "El Árbol" and "Pina."

Over the next month, Bernal and Luna hope to raise $52,780. So far, they're a little bit of the way past $2,500.

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