Frances Bean Cobain Had A Fangirl Moment For Britney Spears On Twitter Last Night

The Love-Cobain family is sure doing their fair share of lovin’ on the pop world as of late, aren’t they?

Just last week, Hole frontwoman Courtney Love posted a #Beautiful Instagram of herself getting cozy with "the elusive shawntoose" herself, Mariah Carey. We rejoiced! (And prayed for a future collaboration, of course.) And now, her daughter is getting in on the pop action too.

Late last night, the stunning 21-year-old daughter of Courtney and the late Nirvana rock legend Kurt Cobain tweeted some serious love for none other than Britney Spears, hereby confirming that, yes: Anybody who’s anybody loves Brit Brit. Check out the cute fangirl moment after the cut.

“‘Lucky’ is definitely my all time favorite @britneyspears song, despite being forever OBSESSED with ‘Blackout’,” she tweeted. That’s right — not even an obvious hit like “…Baby One More Time” or “Toxic”: Frances Bean goes hard for Oops! anthem “Lucky,” as well as Britney’s dark masterpiece, Blackout.

It’s fitting too — after all, is there a more punk pop record than Blackout? Need we remind you of the 2007 timeline in the Spears legacy? Frances is faithful member of the Britney Army, for sure.

No word from Team B regarding the ringing endorsement just yet — but if we had to guess, we’re thinking she thinks it’s really funky and cool.


What's your favourite Britney uptempo/ballad?