Javier "Chicharito" Hernández: "A lot of people doubt my capabilities, but not me."


(Interviewed by Rodolfo Landeros of Univision Deportes. Check out the original video in Spanish.)

What signifies the confidence that represents for you to find yourself scoring [for Mexico] again?

A lot, but as I’ve said, believe me that confidence doesn’t mean that you weren’t there all along and you all of a sudden reappear when you score. If I wasn’t confident, I wouldn’t have played, I wouldn’t have been in the World Cup. What I have lacked was that people believed in me, but what I least want is to lose and I think that’s the basis of everything, not losing, not losing the confidence that I have. So then a lot of people can doubt me, my capabilities and a lot of people can doubt a lot of things but I never will, I never will put myself on trial, I will always give myself, enjoy, and give everything for this profession.

We saw a very emotional celebration. What was going through your mind after you scored that goal?

Something important that I’ve said again is that people didn’t believe in me, more so the people in football. The majority of the people in Mexico has always been affectionate toward me, and believe me I do too. More than anything all of the people that work in football, few had confidence in me, few people saw me with eyes that I probably at once saw myself. I can give a lot, and it was something that in reality had to get out, all the complicated things. My loved ones that have always been there in the good and bad times. All of the people up in the stadium, especially my family, my girlfriend, my friends that stayed in Mexico, especially my grandmother that was praying so much for me. I thank God, the Virgin of Guadalupe that gave me this moment, and as I’ve said something really special. A lot of people can give the best, so to say that the celebration was solely for the goal isn’t entirely true, it was because I never threw in the towel, I never will give up, and in the most complicated moments is where I best like to show myself that I can do it. God gives the most complicated battles to His best warriors. So I want to take advantage of that and always leave my footprint in football.

A lot of people say that it’s easy to have 36 goals with the Mexican National Team, you’re a part of history, Javier, no? You can’t doubt that…
It’s incredible to see all of this emotion, knowing that my grandfather is almost turning 85 and made the trip to be here, be up there and that my family, my parents, are watching me. Believe me that it is something really special and beautiful. It gives a lot of things, not only confidence, confidence I will not lose, and all of my people that has been there near me always has provided me that confidence. This is to demonstrate that I am here and I will never give up.

On the level of CONCACAF, that has been prominent this World Cup…

A lot of people have to eat much of their words, because CONCACAF is there, responding. There are teams already qualified. Mathematically we are obviously qualified and Costa Rica, is almost…no I think they’re already qualified. The United States still has another game to go to see if they still qualify, their possibilities to stay out of the competition are low. Honduras, on the other hand, didn’t have the best World Cup but did make it difficult for its opponents. It demonstrates to a lot of people that believed that we would just walk around and see? A team like Costa Rica beat Uruguay and Italy, we tied with Brazil, won against Croatia and Cameroon. We have to face it. We are not settling with results, we’re not going about it like “oh we won, we’re good,” or “oh we lost, we’re bad.” We have to be calm about it, we have to endure in this profession and be very humble.

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