Big Brother UK: Nominations and Why Toya Shouldn't Be Evicted



Mancunian male model Ash Harrison, journalist Christopher Hall, actor Chris Wright, and Catholic glamour model Danielle McMahon will all face the public vote alongside Marlon Wallen and Winston Showan.

They join psychic Jale Karaturp in facing the public vote after she was given Pauline Bennett's killer nomination in the first week meaning that she will be up for eviction every week until she leaves the house.

The housemates had nominated over the weekend but a series of twists saw Playboy model Kimberly Kisselovich, and entrepreneur Steven Goode both also face eviction before being saved from it.

Kimberly was saved after Power Couple Toya and Matthew Davies chose to cancel out the votes made by Ash, Steven and Marlon which meant the model was saved from facing the chop.

The public then chose to save Steven from eviction allowing him to put either Matthew or Toya in his place meaning that Hurricane Toya will also be facing the public vote this week.

Look, I'm all for respecting the will of the British public. Sure, I'll mutter at some of the injustices done at Big Brother evictions (Orlaith beating Science in Big Brother 6 still stings) but I'll not make too much of a fuss. The only thing is that sometimes I can see what's going to happen and I just want to shout: "Stop!"

And it's like that this week. If the Digital Spy poll is any indication, Toya Washington is going to be saying hello to Emma Willis on Friday night. At the time of writing, she's polling at nearly 50% - quite an achievement when there are eight people facing the boot.

But when Emma reads out Toya's name, I'm going to be so disappointed. Don't get me wrong - I haven't always been a fan of her. If you'd told me last week that I'd be fighting for her to stay in, I'd be telling you to seek help. But then she became the Power Housemate and things began to change.

For one thing, it was hard not to be impressed with Toya's decision to nominate Chris for the Power Housemate role. Whether she figured it would be a bad job and was a form of revenge, or whether she was voting with her head over her heart (as she claimed), it was a smart move. There was more of that in evidence when she picked Matthew as the other half of the Power Couple - again, shortly after they'd argued. This is a woman with a clever, analytical, thoughtful head on her shoulders.

Of course, it's all kicked off in the last couple of days - and yes, Toya could fairly be described as 'loud and gobby'. But hasn't it been entertaining? Especially the other night, she was also hugely funny in her argument with the rest of the house ("I'm going to take my prick self and f**k the f**k off," she declared, later doing a hilarious impression of the rather vacant Winston).

And, you know, she was right. Admittedly, she didn't help the situation by using her 'outdoor voice', but all she had done was what Big Brother had asked. I normally hate the phrase "throwing their toys out of the pram", but it applies so perfectly to the boys who ended up going against her. Marlon, Winston and Ash - and, to a lesser extent, the arrogant Steven - acted like utter babies as they huffed that it wasn't fair and they shouldn't have been up for eviction.

Sorry, but that's the name of the game. As Toya pointed out, she wasn't the one that nominated them. And hey, voiding their nominations only removed Kimberly from the chopping block, so it didn't even have that much of an impact. But the way Ash and co pouted that she'd "made the wrong decision" and that they could be voted out while 'more boring' housemates stayed - oh, please. What exactly has that lot done of interest recently?

The thing is, I understand why Toya is in danger. She's loud. She's annoying. She doesn't handle arguments all that well. She says, "Let me tell you something" far, far too often. She's rubbed her fellow housemates up the wrong way. Normally, I'd probably be baying for her eviction just as much as everyone else. But in this case, I find her hugely more entertaining and interesting and think she has a much bigger personality than many of her fellow bungalow-dwellers.

So by all means, vote Toya out on Friday - I'm prepared. But I'm also prepared for the following week - when either the housemates pick one of the 'popular boys' as the Power Housemate, or they win it in some game. Imagine what Ash would do in that position. Imagine which housemates would be nominated. Imagine if Chris hadn't been the Power Housemate - Pauline would never have been up. Imagine what could be next. Imagine a summer of Ash and Marlon and Winston all chuckling at each other. Then think about which housemates are the "boring ones".

You can say what you like about Toya, but if anyone's done anything to level the playing field and to split up the groups, it's her. She'll probably be gone on Friday - but at least she had an impact.

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