Best Jumping-On Points for New Comics Readers

marvel universe

The world of mainstream superhero comics is notoriously hard to become acclimated to. The characters have decades-long histories and the serialized, soap operatic nature of the storytelling has created an insular fan club mentality that makes the average monthly comic harder to pick up for a new reader than just about any form of entertainment.

All that said, one of our readers on Facebook recently asked us the following:

Hey...I just started getting into comics. I went to my local store and honestly it was overwhelming with the sheer amount of comic books. Where do I start?

For the sake of convenience, we've decided to break down our suggestions into one or two per character or title, going in more or less random order of how they occur to us. We'll talk mostly about trade paperbacks and other collected editions, although in some cases where there's a free or cheap issue we may insert a link there.

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Are you new to comics, ontd? Where and when did you start?