Sebastian Stan Ready To Take Over Captain America's Shield

Sebastian Stan has emphatically stated he would love to pick up Captain America's iconic shield if Chris Evans ever departed the role.

Stan has starred in the first two 'Captain America' films as Caps' friend Bucky Barnes and cybernetic assassin The Winter Soldier, who he is turned into in between the two movies.

The actor made his comments during a Q&A at this weekend's Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.

Asked by a fan whether he'd want to become Captain America, Stan said: "Yes! Yeah, I'll do it right now.

"Look, it's not up to me," he quickly added. "I'm just showing up when they're calling me. I mean that's it. But I wouldn't mind a little Black Widow/Winter Soldier story happening."

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These two were some of most the sweetest people I ever met and I'll forever be grateful for the amazing photo op picture I had with them arm holding and all (I know I posted it in a comment yesterday but this photo has been the highlight of my week so I don't care right now lol).