Which Deceased True Blood Character Would You Want To See One More Time?

The body count on True Blood is an exceptionally high one. While some characters barely left an impression, others left an indelible mark and are still being mourned. Who would you like to see just one more time?

Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) My personal favorite, Mr. Edgington was a sassy breath of fresh air. I was beyond disappointed when he was taken out. And in such an unfashionable and unspectacular fashion!

Talbot Angelis (Theo Alexander) Talbot, Russell's one true love, was a handsome and suave morsel of vampire sexiness who thought he was about to have his dream come true with a certain viking; careful what you wish for.

Marryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes) Though Forbes is a fantastic actress ( if you haven't watched her in The Killing, get on that right now!) I found her character to be so amazingly annoying. I loved the danger and menace that she brought, but it became too much and went on for far too long.

Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) Steve was a fantastic, comedic, albeit racist, character. To have the tables turned on him and be turned into the one thing that he really hated was sublime. Steve was even more fun as a vampire; I would keep him around forever.

Franklin Mott (James Frain) Franklin was a real sh*t stirrer and just this side of crazy; I loved him. He was such a loose cannon that only Russell Edgington was bold enough to employ him for his undercover skills. As usual, Franklin became obsessed with a lady; this time it was Tara and he was no match for her. Truly, I was almost as bummed to see Franklin die as I was when Russell died.

Marnie Stonebrook (Fiona Shaw) Shaw is an excellent actress and the witch storyline started out really great, but then it just got a bit too wacky for my taste.

Jesus Velasquez (Kevin Alejandro) Oooh girl, who wasn't simultaneously happy for and jealous of Lafayette when Jesus came into his life? Introduced as a nurse with a heart of gold, Jesus's background, eventually, played a very big part in the show and, unfortunately, in his demise as well. This was another character that I was sorry to see go.

Roman Zimojic (Chris Meloni) I was about to bail on True Blood when they brought in Meloni and I wasn't going to miss him for anything! Tall, dark and handsome, Meloni, as always, delivered a badass character and I was very sad to lose him. Very sad.

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