Chrissy Teigen Bashes Twitter's Reporting System After Receiving Photos Of Lynchings

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Chrissy Teigen is mad as hell that someone is sending her racist messages, and Twitter’s "tedious" reporting process isn’t helping.

Teigen, who is Norwegian and Thai, went on a rant last night after she tried to report a user on Twitter who she says was sending her photos of lynchings along with other racist messages. Teigen is married to John Legend, who is African American.

The model started by taking a photo of Twitter’s abusive user form and writing, "Dear @twitter: I commend you for linking to this page when reporting an abusive user. But it's worthless and tedious. It links to that page via twitter, asks you for the username, at the end, which you can't go back to without redoing entire report. It makes filing the 'report' not worth it and these horrible assholes that send me horrifically racist and threatening tweets get to live on."

After a user mentioned Teigen was making the situation worse by giving the user attention, she snapped back, "Who did I give attention to? Can I call someone out on their sh-- without people being jealous I comment on the tweets of idiots? I don't ignore sh--. Including you telling me to ignore sh--."

She then messaged the man who she claims sent the messages, "I know who the f--- you are. Nice try you racist piece of dog sh--. The tweet below is the man that has been sending me photos of slaves hanging from trees for months now. A new account every few days."

She closed with a photo of the user in question, which recently messaged he was going to see John Legend’s show in Canada that night.