PETA's Pissed At Lady Gaga For Doing This To Her Dog

Given her penchant for draping herself in raw steak and accessorizing with taxidermied animals, it's safe to assume that Lady Gaga isn't exactly PETA's favorite person. And now, she's really done it.

The animal rights organization has blasted the pop star for decking out her pup, Asia, in jewelry. Gaga Instagrammed shots of the French bulldog — a.k.a. "Little McQueen" — wearing elaborate headpieces and even heavy clip-on earrings. PETA, for one, wasn't amused.

“Lady Gaga may choose to decorate herself with elaborate and even uncomfortable outfits, but Asia doesn’t get to make that choice," PETA said in a statement on their site. "Though it seems pretty clear that Lady Gaga loves Asia, we think Asia — and all dogs — are adorable without all the added flair.”

Click through to see more of the puppy pics that offended PETA, as well assome of the singer's fans. Maybe next time she should just stick to a designer collar?

Refinery 29

If you HAD to pick sides... Gaga or PETA? Death is not an option.