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(5 out of) The 10 Greatest Walks in Music Video History

Historically, the greatest music-video trope is a choreographed walk. More than a convenient way to get from one end of a sound stage to another while lip-synching, the sashay is a time-honored tradition from the art form’s earliest days.

10. The Spice Girls in “Say You’ll Be There”

Ah, the girl-group tandem walk. It’s a thing of beauty, no? And the Girls of Spice perfected it early on. Meanwhile, to this day, Victoria “Don’t Call Me Posh Spice” Beckham’s catsuit is still snatching everything.

8. Lady Gaga in “Bad Romance”

Leave it to Gaga to dedicate an entire bridge to walking, which she then gingerly strode across in Alexander McQueen’s infamous armadillo heels.

7. En Vogue in “My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)”

With more legs than a KFC franchise, En Vogue sounded the Bad Bitch Alarm and all other girl groups went cowering in fear. And can you blame them? Few can match En Vogue for class, sass and vocal prowess — all while serving a little Fosse realness.

3. Beyoncé in “Crazy in Love

If anyone’s built a career on a sickening sashay, it’s Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. And with “Crazy in Love” she walked away with the game in her Daisy Dukes. Gabriel sounded the trumpets, the walls fell and out from the rubble stomped Bey. In a sensible heel.

1. Michael Jackson in “Billie Jean”

If Janet’s the queen, Michael’s the king. And that’s why he not only appears twice on this list — with two different faces at that— but also at the top spot. Because we’d have no synchronized walking without MJ initially lighting the way in 1982. It’s called being a pioneer.


Post your favorite mv walks!
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