Diagon Alley Details - Death Eater Attacks, Voldemort and Many Ways to Spend Money

Diagon Alley - Universal  Image

The secrets of this highly anticipated Wizarding of Harry Potter expansion are finally revealing themselves.

*Walking into Diagon Alley is a treat to watch.  Using mirrors, guests pass through the brick wall onto Platform 9 3/4. While you won’t notice much upon your own entrance, watching someone else vanish into the Wizarding World is an illusion you won’t grow tired of seeing.

*The Hogwarts Express ride is a journey in itself. From Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley, there is a licorice spider attack and Voldemort shows up outside your train window. Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade is a more intense ride as Death Eaters attack London, Dementors create a cool icy effect and the Dark Mark appears in the sky. Chocolate Frogs also manage to sneak their way into your cabin.

*At Gringotts, you can exchange your muggle money for wizard currency.

* 34 different areas around the park are interactive with the new, improved wands sold at Ollivander’s. Guests will stand on a metal plate, wave their wands in the shape shown while saying an incantation and magic happens. Spells often have several different outcomes, so guests could spend a large chunk of the day just watching this magical spots.

UPDATE: New drinks detailed here too!

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