Today in disappointing Sims 4 news ..


Today in Disappointing Sims News:

  • No Shopping- Despite the recent news that new clothes will have to be purchased at a clothing store venue, Sarah Holding has confirmed that all outfits are free and unlimited, like in TS3. Sorry shoppers, but this also means no clothing stores in TS4!

  • No Pools, Toddlers, or Drivable Cars Confirmed- This one is both self-explanatory and inexcusable.

  • No Editing Public Spaces-

  • Graham Nardone has confirmed that public spaces cannot be edited. Community and residential lots can, as always, be edited in Build/Buy Modes, but public spaces like parks cannot.

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  • Even Less Lots-

  • Sarah Holding has reported that each neighborhood will contain 2-5 lots. We already knew that each of the five neighborhoods would contain at least 5 lots, but now we know that some will have as few as two. This means that there are around 13 to 22 total lots in TS4; this includes both community lots, occupied and unoccupied residential lots, and empty lots. Not-So-Fun Fact: The Sims 3’s Sunset Valley contained 92 lots in the base game!


  • Developer Events Cancelled-

  • Several events for European Sims fan sites and the press were scheduled by EA for July 1st. At each event, attendees would have access to the full game and would be able to speak freely with developers. At first there was news that several of the events were delayed, but it has now been confirmed that all of the events have been cancelled with a week’s notice. This is both unprofessional and troubling, as EA is clearly still not ready to show a game that is expected to arrive in a little two months.


  • Day-One DLC-

  • It has been leaked that EA is looking to hire people to develop downloadable content that will be available on The Sims 4 Store on September 2nd. So, if you still have any cash left in your wallet after shelling out $60 or more for The Sims 4, you can use it on content that is purposely being left out of the game! EA is so thoughtful!


well now aint that just about a bit? not only less lots but no toddlers?

thoughts? questions? comments, concerns .. are you still looking forward to The Sims 4?

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