Disturbing Vines of Sharon Needles resurface

Year old disturbing videos of the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 (and known P.O.S.) resurfaced on the internet just recently. In the video, Sharon is seen assaulting a girl and goes as far as to using her as an ashtray. There are no details on who the woman is and what her relationship with Sharon is. All we have are questions~

"I Hate Bad Drag" - https://vine.co/v/bLU2aQQAqpX
In this Vine, Sharon declares she hates bad drag and proceeds to continually slap and smack the girl in the face.

??? - https://vine.co/v/bLU2zhXjjuU
I don't even have words.

Ashtray - https://vine.co/v/bLU2u63KqZd
In Sharon Needles' grand finale, he continues to abuse the girl and use her as an ashtray.

hmm. those videos made me so uncomfortable... :| does anyone have anymore info on this bc i'm lost and disturbed.

gia gunn would never TBH.

source of videos