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The royal couple face backlash over ‘cruel and tacky’ decision to pierce baby North Dakotas’ ears

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s decision to pierce their daughter North’s ears for her first birthday is drawing criticism on Twitter.
The diamond solitaire studs, which North was first seen wearing on June 15th, have sparked accusations that the couple are treating their daughter as a press ploy and dress-up doll.

‘Kim Kardashian has pierced her one-year-old's ears? That's cruel AND tacky...[sic]’ tweeted one enraged onlooker named Katy Brent.
Twitter user @ElleLobster added that the infant was 'far too young. Let her decide for herself when older! Should be banned, unnecessary and cruel. Purely for vanity of parents.

Another follower who goes by Miss Morgue responded: 'I'm a body piercer & will only pierce the ears of a child old enough to ask for it and understand whats happening.'

Others were simply miffed that the value of the young tot’s jewelry collection has already surpassed their own.

Twitter user @xAprilW wrote: ‘It's not the fact that North has her ears pierced it's the fact that the earrings she's actually wearing probably cost more than my life.’ (op: i mean kim could achieve that with cubic zirconia)

Another user named Chloe wrote: ‘North West got diamond earrings for her 1st birthday while the closest I can get to a diamond is in Sims 3.’ (op: which ontd user is this)

Fashion student Allison Farraye even feels similarly, tweeting: ‘North West has diamond earrings. A 1 year old is beating me on my fine jewelry game’

Other fans defended the couple’s decision to piece North’s ears, which save for the diamonds, is not all that uncommon in many cultures across the globe.
‘I think there's more things to worry about than North West having a pair of diamond earrings,’ said Twitter user @brodielittle.

It’s led to some fan ire concerning the price of the earrings, that although unknown, likely surpasses the value of many adults' jewelry collections.

Indeed in late March, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin encountered similar tension for piercing their ten-month-old daughter Carmen’s ears – albeit with studs that did not appear to include diamonds.

But as the blog Oh No They Didn’t noted at the time: ‘It's not unusual for Spanish families to have their daughters' ears pierced when they are still infants.

‘And given that Hilaria Baldwin, 30, hails from Mallorca, it's worth understanding the cultural context before taking a look at her seven-month-old daughter's earrings.’

daily mail 'shout out' to ONTD. kingye's impact
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