One Direction to re-release Up All Night & Take Me Home as bundle, but parents of fans not happy!

It’s been revealed this weekend that One Direction are set to re-release their first two albums in a special edition ‘bundle’ which it’s believed is part of the marketing strategy ahead of the release of the group’s forthcoming album.

However, the parents of some One Direction fans are decidedly unimpressed that in essence, their children are going to want them to buy something they already have!

To backtrack a little, the re-release of the albums has been announced on various Sony websites apparently, and is scheduled for a launch date of August 29…

One Direction HQ on Tumblr states, “No artwork for the product has been made yet, nor has a price been announced.

“It’s also expected to arrive a week early overseas.”

One of our readers, who has two daughter who are One Direction fans, told us, “The list of ‘I wants’ never ends, and every time a new bit of 1D merchandise comes out, we’re pestered nonstop.

“Honestly, we need two incomes to buy everything they want, and even then, we just tell them ‘No’ 80 per cent of the time because it’s ridiculous.

“There’s T-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, designer glasses, CDs, DVDs, books…

“It never ends.”

Just a brief glance at One Direction’s official merchandise website shows clothes, bags, bedding, hats, key rings, mugs…

You name it, it’s there. There are even 1D cupcakes.

So what say you? Is re-releasing their first two albums just going too far? And surely it’s wholly unnecessary?


i just wanted an excuse to post that pic of zayn tbh, nhf them as a group...