'You Will Know the Debt Is Paid': Giving 'Game of Thrones' Star Lena Headey Her Emmys Due

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Even with an ensemble as deep as "Game of Thrones," it's shocking that Lena Headey hasn't been nominated for an Emmy as the villainous yet sympathetic Cersei Lannister. She has to be as deceitful and manipulative as her male Lannister counterparts, only (like Ginger Rogers) backward and in heels.

Maybe voters are waiting to the see the supremely self-confident lady taken down a peg before they consider her? She's certainly had her share of misfortune this season: stripped of almost all her power by her father, and separated from her daughter and the only man she's ever loved. Oh yeah, and her son's death is so gruesome, fans gave it its own name: the Purple Wedding.

And then there's the controversial scene with Jaime. Wherever you fall on the question of whether or not she was raped by her brother, her performance was a tour de force. In an interivew with Gold Derby, she explained it this way: "I came from this place of grieving and a need to feel connected and alive and, you know, this is the only other person, probably the only person she has ever trusted in the world. And she's shunned Jaime and he's never stopped loving her, and in that moment, she's embracing and she's rejecting of him in the same breath."

Headey has had to cover more emotional ground than almost anyone on television this season, and if that doesn't convince you she deserves a nod, you might be a Lannister.