The Most "Offensive" Upcoming Horror Movies

No other movie genre - with the possible exception of 3D dance-competition based movies - has the potential to offend audiences as much as horror. Although, nowadays we must take all possible precautions never to cause offense to any animal, vegetable or mineral, that rule doesn't seem to apply to the art of terrifying people on the big screen - in fact that might the very objective of the movie.

Inspired by the first five minutes (and recent imminent release) of disturbing Dutch house-invasion-horror-with-a-twist horror flick, Borgman, Moviepilot decided to present five three upcoming horror movies that will offend your sensibilities for a variety of reasons.

Lord of Tears

Now, Lord of Tears as a movie itself could potentially just be a standard British indie horror with a creepy antagonist and an almost cliche haunted house. However, the Lord of Tears marketing team have certainly ramped up the disturbance factor on this movie with their original viral marketing campaign. In fact, it's so disturbing it veers towards offense.

Lord of Tears terrifying monster, The Owlman, has in fact already been busy literally scaring people into quivering fetal positions. In two separate videos, the Owlman first stalks people on ChatRoulette, and then heads to an abandoned hospital in Scotland to creep up on unsuspected urban explorers. The result, predictably, is abject horror, and in some cases, years of therapy. Seriously, check out the second guy in the video below. It actually makes me kind of sad.

The Green Inferno

Any movie which claims to be a spiritual remake of Cannibal Holocaust is of course going to engender some offense, and from the looks of things, The Green Inferno will certainly do that. Eli Roth doesn't do things by half measures, this means when he wanted to make a film about a group of environmentalists being kidnapped by a remote Peruvian tribe, he actually went out and found a remote Peruvian tribe.

This fact, combined with Roth's already established penchant for the gratuitous, means The Green Inferno could very much carry Cannibal Holocausts blood-and-outraged drenched torch. The MPAA certainly think so, stating The Green Inferno contains "aberrant violence and torture, grisly disturbing images, brief graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use." Perfect.

For those of you interested, here is a critical response of the film's exploitation of the Indigenous people featured in the film: This is Why Indigenous Representation in Mainstream Media Matters


Kevin Smith's Tusk is likely to take body horror to a new level. Some might suggest the genre is becoming a little bit dry and stale recently, however I think we can all claim to have never seen a movie in which a man is surgically altered into a walrus. Throw in Smith's indie past and a disdain for studio execs telling him what he can and cannot make (this is the guy who wanted to make a movie about Jesus Christ as a Godzilla after all), I think we can expect a movie which is sure to shock and offend. The first image of Justin Long undergoing his transformation from a bipedal hominin to a flubbering odobenidae certainly suggests this. Although he seems quite pleased with himself.

Human Centipede: Final Sequence and some Rob Zombie movie at the source: Moviepilot