America's Favorite Twins: MK&A Olsen Turn 28 [Nostalgia Post]


It seems like only yesterday we were glued to the TV screens watching Two Of A Kind after coming in from school.

But Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are all grown up now, turning the ripe old age of 28 today - and they're worth rather more than your average 28-year-old.

The pair were cast in their first on-screen role at the age of SIX MONTHS! Yep, they were still in nappies when they were cast as Michelle Tanner in the sitcom Full House in 1987.

Between them, they’ve appeared in 50 different films and TV shows, including New York Minute, Passport To Paris, When In Rome and It Takes Two.

If you’re hoping to see them back on your screens, think again – they’ve retired. The pair last worked together in front of the camera in 2004 and have no plans to return, with Ashley saying it was time to step ‘behind the process.’

And as coveted fashionistas, Mary-Kate & Ashley have taken their fair share of fashion risks.

Most of them have obviously paid off — hello, have you heard about their insanely successful fashion lines The Row and Elizabeth and James?!?

However, there are still some styles they've rocked that are somewhat questionable. We’re not trying to diss their fashion senses here; it’s their birthday, after all!!

We'd just like to revisit some of the looks that've prompted eyebrow raising and head scratching over the years.



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