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Meet the 2014 World Cup WAGs

Just as we did in 2010, we introduce you to the World Cup WAGs, the women behind the soccer stars that are sure to dominate your televisions for the next month. Some, like supermodel Irina Shayk, enjoy the limelight with or without the company of boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo, while others, like Xavi Hernández’s journalist wife Nuria Cunillera, prefer a more private existence. Here, a look at the women you should pay attention to in the bleachers.


Possession: Portugal’s captain, Cristiano Ronaldo
Position: Girlfriend
Points: The Russian supermodel is known for her multiple cheeky appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Currently, she can be seen on Vogue Spain’s latest cover, with her barely clad beau.
Kickoff: The genetically blessed twosome reportedly met on an Armani Exchange campaign shoot in 2010. Proof that a love of embellished black-and-white attire continues to unite the beautiful.


Possession: Germany’s midfielder, Mesut Özil
Position: Girlfriend
Points: The Italian/German beauty is a pop star, who released her first solo album, Grace, in 2012.
Kickoff: Capristo met Özil last year, ending a bout of womanizing on the player’s part. The combo of good looks and a sweet voice probably did the trick.
Team Player: Capristo regularly supports her man on Instagram and Twitter.


Possession: Argentina’s captain, Lionel Messi
Position: Girlfriend
Kickoff: Roccuzzo and Messi met as children in Rosario, Argentina, but it wasn’t until 2008 that their friendship turned into a romance. Hope for all childhood sweethearts.
Carrying the Ball: Roccuzzo gave birth to their couple’s son Thiago in 2012. Mother and child recently showed their support for their main man on Instagram, when he received criticism from fans.


Age: 28
Possession: England’s forward Wayne Rooney
Position: Wife
Points: Mrs. Rooney has dabbled in many a profession: television presenting, writing, modeling, and gym guru (her Coleen Mcloughin: Brand New Body Workout exercise DVD was a U.K. bestseller.)
Kickoff: The childhood sweethearts met at age 12, but didn’t marry until 2008. The media quickly dubbed them “Wayleen.”
Territory: Though the two share multiple residences, their main pad is Prestbury Palace. It features gold-plated toilets and a tennis-court-size kitchen, which has to make unloading the dishwasher a real nightmare.
Carrying the Ball: The couple has two sons: Kai, four, and Klay, one.


Possession: Spain’s midfielder Xavi Hernández
Position: Wife
Points: Like Hernández’s last girlfriend Elsa Egea, Cunillera, who studied at the University of Barcelona, is also a journalist. Clearly, he’s got a thing for inquisitive minds.
Kickoff: Given their private approach to celebrity, the pair’s story is not known. However, they were first seen vacationing together in Ibiza in 2012. They married the following year.


Possession: Netherlands’ forward, Robin van Persie
Position: Wife
Timeout: Just a year after being married, Robin was accused of sexual assault by a pole dancer, in 2005. At first, Bouchra left the soccer player, but she eventually forgave him for his transgressions. After spending 14 days in jail during the investigation, van Persie was released, after it was revealed that no coercion had happened.
Carrying the Ball: The van Persies have two children: son Shaqueel and daughter Dina.

ONTD, who's your favorite WAG?
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