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Kim Zolciak Tries Out Breast Implant Sizes

She is a mother of six children.

And in a new sneak peek of her Bravo series Don't Be Tardy, Kim Zolciak is looking to go under the knife again to get her body back into pre-pregnancy shape.

The 36-year-old goes to the doctor to try out new breast implants as she considers a tummy tuck, in the preview for season three of her reality show.

At the beginning of the Bravo clip she announces that six children is enough before the teaser launches into a montage of her hectic life as a parent.

Underage drinking is discussed as well as teenage drivers before the sneak peek really kicks off when Kim reveals she is considering going under the knife.

The blonde bombshell can be seen visiting a plastic surgeon's office, where she feels out various silicon breast implants.

A doctor parts Kim's white robe as he probes her bare chest, her modesty protected by a blurred effect in the video.

She is later seen lifting up her shirt as she examines her flat stomach.

The reality star then announces to her husband NFL star Kroy Biermann: 'Once I get my tummy and boobs done, I will kil a b**** if you were to get me pregnant .'

video + article at the source

What would you change about your body ontd?
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