Did Britney sabotage the Gimme More videoshoot?


In a new interview Britney's personal make up artist in the video revealed some details about the infamous videoshoot, saying that Britney refused to follow the written script and decided to just dance on the pole instead. Does this mean the mysterious funeral scenes were never actually shot and the whole storyline with Britney killing fake Britneys was never filmed? The mystery of the video continues yet again...

"What project/job/client are you most proud to have worked on?
One of the defining moments of my career was working with Britney. I was her personal MUA for the Gimme More music video and a couple of photo shoots. She had just shaved her head and was getting a nothing but bad press. She sabotaged the director by refusing to perform and follow the script. So, what we got was her dancing on a stripper pole with her friends. It was an honest and playful performance during a very rough time and I am proud of how gorgeous she was."

Here's the make up artist, Mikal Sky, with Britney on the set of the video


The supposed plot of the original video

It's gloomy .. and everyone is looking down, except Britney who's looking around through her veil at the people …She then looks into the camera and says “Its Britney Bitch” ..She slowly starts to move away from the crowd .. hoping no one sees her, but makes eye contact with a guy in the funeral

…She starts moving a little faster, hiding even a little .. and he starts to follow her … she jumps into her car drives off .. she parks somewhat illegally on a curb .. and begins walking down and then opens a deserted door.

The door open into a dark club ..


She starts walking down a hallway and there are people kissing and dancing on both sides .. and then the camera zooms to one side where there is a Britney dancing on a pole.

The funeral Britney who has now changed into another dark outfit continues her walk down the hallway, then stops and looks around ..Then we see in the distance another white and red dressed brighter Britney dancing with dancers on a stage .. which is the main dance scene …Then the Britney walking through the hallways gets pushed into the wall by the guy who was at the funeral … but when he turns the girl around its not Britney … and now that Britney is lost among dancers in the crowded club … she starts to move through them … while the other Britney is on the stage dancing with the dancers …


Suddenly the on stage Britney is kidnapped and ends up in a dark room with bad pipes and leaking water .. She's tied to a chair with her arms behind her back while girl -who we only see from the back but is assumed to be another Britney- is roughing her up , slapping her.. just being violent .. to the point where eventually we think Britney dies …

We then flash back to the funeral … and somehow we realize there no one in the coffin .. and we're left  with the man ..

Going back through all the steps he realizes that the girl on the pole wasn't Britney …The girl rouging up Britney wasnt Britney …And then the man seems lost …The camera zooms out out of Britneys eye while she blinks, throws off her funeral hat onto a bed … and the video fades out .



Some say that the video got heavily censored and altered by JIVE records executives but according to the make up artist's account the intended video and storyline might never have been actually shot on camera! Thus, despite an alternate version leaking in 2011 we still have not seen nor heard the Gimme More video in its entirety

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MV info here: http://skagdoll.tumblr.com/post/10253839554/original-rumored-gimme-more-video-concept