Alicia (thrillisgone_89) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

David Beckham's Wife Victoria Was Mostly Worried About His Hair During Brazil Motorcycle Trip!

David Beckham is all suited up in black for a press conference for Breitling on Thursday (June 12) in Beijing, China.

The 39-year-old retired soccer star just finished filming David Beckham Into the Unknown, a Showtime documentary following him and some buddies on their motorcycles in Brazil.

“The fact that this was something I could do with friends…you know, I’ve never had a boy’s holiday. Something like this, for me, was a dream,” David told USA Today. “Worryingly enough, [Victoria] was more worried about my hair and how it would hold up in the rain and humidity than she was about me being on the bike.”

Tags: red carpet and event, victoria / david beckham

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