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Reasons why Neon Jungle’s debut album will be amazing

If you aren’t already convinced that Neon Jungle are truly fantastic, you will be…

With their debut album Welcome To The Jungle set to be released on 28 July, we thought we’d let you know just why you need to get on board with the Neon Jungle hype.

They aren’t just any old girl group

Their debut single Trouble covered drug use, alcohol, and flipping the bird within one sentence. The video features them partying in a house, and frankly, making a right mess. They clearly aren’t targeting the tween market.

They clearly love what they do

Their YouTube channel is packed with covers of other artists’ songs. These girls don’t have downtime, they just keep singing, and they do it well. Just check out this cover of Daniel Bedingfield’s Gotta get Thru This.

Their single Braveheart is a club smasher

It’s got one of the dirtiest beats we’ve heard in a while and we can’t quite get enough of it. It does a great job of showing off the girls’ voices, too. Plus, the brief Japanese countdown is ridiculously catchy.

They aren’t perfect

Perfection is overrated. The girls nail it pretty much all of the time, but even when they don’t, they don’t care. They have fun, and the outcome is better than if they’d got it right. Just look at this cover of Britney’s Work Bitch, you’ll see what we mean.

They take simple things and make them great

Their third single Welcome To The Jungle has been stuck in our heads for quite some time now. Anyone who can take a simple, repetitive ‘la la la’ and make it the most addictive part of a song is clearly a genius.


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