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Marion Zimmer Bradley did not just protect her pedophile husband. She actually did it too.

A follow-up on TOR's cancellation of the Marion Zimmer Bradley tribute that was available on their website on the late author's birthday (tribute piece has since been removed), MZB's daughter with Walter Breen came forward about her mother molesting her from ages 3 through 12. Her e-mail reads:

It is a lot worse than that.

The first time she molested me, I was three. The last time, I was twelve, and able to walk away.

I put Walter in jail for molesting one boy. I had tried to intervene when I was 13 by telling Mother and Lisa, and they just moved him into his own apartment.

I had been living partially on couches since I was ten years old because of the out of control drugs, orgies, and constant flow of people in and out of our family “home.”

None of this should be news. Walter was a serial rapist with many, many, many victims
(I named 22 to the cops) but Marion was far, far worse.
She was cruel and violent, as well as completely out of her mind sexually. I am not her only victim, nor were her only victims girls.

I wish I had better news.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's ex-husband was arrested for child molestation. Bradley was aware of his preferences and of what he did, and never did anything to alert the authorities. Breen died in prison on April 27, 1993 after having been sentenced to 10 years in jail after being charged with with eight felony counts of child molestation involving a 13-year-old boy.

 photo MarionZimmerBradley_zpscf5534ae.jpg


I wish I could say I was shocked. But after learning that she knew what her husband did all along... My heart goes out to all who suffered at the hands of this couple.

Did any of your favorite authors also disappoint you, ONTD?

(cut and context added. Sorry mods!)

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