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Sims 4 E3 Roundup Post

Official Release Date: September 2nd for US, September 5th in Europe (PC only, no dates for MAC yet)

Maternity Wear: All clothes in CAS are enabled for pregnancy! A pregnant Sim can now wear anything!

Auto-Save: TS4 will finally have an Auto-Save feature!

Aspiration Changes: A Sims’ aspiration can be changed at any time!

The Gallery: In-game browser with items from the Exchange. Elegant and streamlined UI. You simply browse, click, and the Lot, Room Layout or Sim appears in the game instantly! No need to relaunch.

New Traits and Moodlets: Musical Genius, Dreamer, Baker, Entertainer, Edibles, Gossip Queen, Opposites Attract, Foodie Hipster, Prankster, Party Animal, Online Romance, Pancakes, Playful, Perfectionist, Glutton, Clumsy, Hot-Headed, Bookworm, Loves Outdoors, Insane, Body Builder, Shakin’ It, Inspired, Rockstar, Dying of Laughter, Rather be Fishing

New Skill: Writing/Poetry/Romance

Confirmed Deaths: Dying of laughter, starvation and electrocution.

New Community Lots (Non-rabbithole): Gym, Comedy Club, Nightclub/Bar, Jazz Club, Playground, Wedding Park, Museum

Rabbitholes: Graham Nardone says there are no rabbit holes “the way we know them.”

Mentorship System: A Sim with a higher skill level can boost the progress of a lower-leveled Sim. For example, a master piano player can mentor another Sim, and that Sim will learn piano faster.

Moving Sims: You can now move your Sim over to a new world without having to start everything over.

Careers and Unlockables: New careers have been added with more branching paths, unlocking items as you advance. Astronauts can unlock high-tech desks or broken satellites to use in their home.

Returning Sims: Don Lothario, The Caliente sisters, and The Goths!

Woo-Hoo: Sims have a chance of getting pregnant from Woo-Hoo, not just Try for Baby!

Five Districts and Loading Screens: According to an Italian article, the city will be divided into five districts, broken down by purpose and function. Population centers are interspersed with commercial spaces and environments designed for social interactions between Sims. You will have to load each zone individually.

Lot Maximum: There can only be 20 Sims on a lot at one time.

Gardening: Sims can “Pick a Branch” from trees and plants in the world to take home and plant.

Highlights: It is possible to add highlights to certain hairstyles.

Number of Worlds/Towns: There will only be one world, Willow Creek.

Genetics Tools: In CAS, it is possible to generate siblings and even parents from a single Sim.

Get more details and updates at Source
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