Lana Del Rey: Men fuel my music (No1curr about this article AKA Ultraviolence leaks)

Lana Del Rey's songs are often inspired by the opposite sex.

The singer has been in a relationship with Barrie-James O'Neill since 2011 and there are even rumours the pair are secretly engaged.

Many of her songs reference relationships and the 27-year-old revealed what she loves so much about the opposite sex.

"Men are my passion," she smiled to German magazine Neon. "I like the male energy, their stability and predictability in relationships."

Lana is currently promoting her third album Ultraviolence, which is due for release on June 13. When it comes to writing songs, she often draws upon her experiences with men.

"Many of my friends are intellectual, creative men," she explained. "Many of my songs that seem to have a romantic theme aren't actually about love, just men in general and the influence they've had on me."

The star has always had a clear idea about the kind of guys she wants to date. Being sensitive isn't a turn off, as long as they know what they want.

"They don't have to be rich or where they want to be in life. They just need to know the general direction," she summarised.

Ultraviolence has already spawned hit singles West Coast and Shades of Cool. Lana doesn't think she will ever run out of lyrics.

"I'm passionate about my imagination," she smiled. "My imagination makes my life richer, more colourful. It's like Technicolor."

Lana has previously promised Ultraviolence is "more stripped down" than previous records Born to Die and Lana Del Ray.

Album of 2014, etc. Don't forget to buy the album June 17th!