Gwyneth Paltrow Preparing Beyonce For Divorce From Jay Z

Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce have always been friends, so it makes sense that Beyonce would turn to Gwyneth to deal with marital issues. According to reports, Beyonce and Gwyneth are heading to a spa retreat for a couple of days, to get away from the press and enjoy some peace and quiet before Beyonce leaves for her tour with Jay Z.

Now, what’s interesting is that this report comes on the heels of Beyonce’s relationship issues, what with all the rumors about Jay-Z cheating and having affairs.

Whether that’s true or not, there’s no denying that Team Beyonce’s image has been drastically damaged in the media, and Beyonce’s PR minions are no doubt paying the price. The whole world was allowed to view the ‘real’ Beyonce and Jay Z, not the perfectly composed couple that they always present themselves as. What’s worse, the whole world also knows that Jay Z may or may not have flirted with Rachel Roy with everyone at the MET Gala afterparty watching. This means that not only is Beyonce furious about her husband’s possible betrayal, but she’s also upset at being embarrassed in the media.

Keep in mind, Beyonce has always tried to rigidly control her press, keeping away the negative stories and preventing unflattering pictures from being taken. Is it any wonder that she would spend time with Gwyneth, yet another celebrity obsessed with image? Plus, Gwyneth’s just recently gone through her own ‘conscious uncoupling‘, and from what we’re hearing, Beyonce’s isn’t that far away. She could have turned to Gwyneth for advice on the Jay Z situation, and how to deal with a possible divorce if it comes to that. She might have also turned to Gwyneth for advice on how to win Jay Z back, since Gwyneth also seems to be doing well in that regard with Chris Martin.