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Producer Brian K Vaughn Leaves "Under the Dome"

CBS' monster hit Under the Dome is losing one of its key players.

Writer/executive producer Brian K. Vaughan has exited the summer sci-fi series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Vaughan was handpicked by exec producer Steven Spielberg to adapt Stephen King's best-seller when Dome was in development at Showtime. When the premium cable network passed on it and the sci-fi show about a town trapped under a mysterious dome was picked up straight to series at CBS, ER alum Neal Baer was brought in as showrunner.

Sources tell THR that it was Vaughan's decision to exit the series; he arced out season two with Baer before his departure. Vaughan penned the pilot episode as well as two other installments, including the season finale, which he co-wrote with Scott Gold. Vaughan's decision to exit the series was described as amicable, with the veteran comics scribe said to be more interested in spending time with his family and returning to focus on his graphic novel roots. Dome was Vaughan's first TV gig since he served as producer, writer and exec story editor on ABC's Lost.

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