ms_mmelissa (ms_mmelissa) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Kerry Washington makes her first post-baby appearance with the LA Times, looks flawless.

Talks about:

  • Olivia's crazy parents and what father's day must be like in the Pope household

  • How to prepare to play a character where she doesn't know her past or her future (Oh, Shonda)

  • Talks about the face licking and Huck/Quinn (Ugh, I had forgotten about that)

  • Think Liv's Vermont house is super romantic

  • Admires Olivia's wardrobe, power, business sense, education etc.

  • Explains the value of Olivia being a flawed person

  • She and Bellamy are both team Mellie and Olivia and the importance of having more than one fabulous woman

  • Lists Giovanni's Room as one of her favourite books

  • Wants Olivia to be loved in a healthy way

  • She's seen the pilot for How to Get Away with Murder, says we aren't ready (YESSSSSS!)

Tags: black celebrities, kerry washington, scandal (abc)

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