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Armed Robbers Break Into Internet Celeb Sajedene's Home During Webstream

An Arizona woman has her livestream gaming to thank for authorities' rapid response to her home after armed invaders knocked down her door Monday.

People watching Nikki Elise AKA 'Sajeden' playing the game Dota 2 were nearly as surprised as the 28-year-old Tempe gamer was after hearing a crash and then watching a man with a hand gun appear to rummage through the well-known player's gaming equipment.

Sajeden is popular in Dota 2 fan circles and has a worldwide viewership on the streaming site Twitch. A friend who knew where she and her 29-year-old roommate lived happened to be watching and alerted police.

'At that point, gamers from around the world were watching the home invasion occur while trying to contact the corresponding law enforcement agency,' Lt. Michael Pooley told KTVK.

Thanks to calls from the concerned viewers, authorities arrived so fast that they made contact with at least one of the suspects.

Pooley said one man was still in the apartment when officers arrived.

The man fled on foot but one was taken into custody after a short chase, Pooley told KTVK.

Pooley says the other man remains at large.

Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, computer / video games, internet celebrities

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