Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers make out

Get a room you two! Olivia Munn enjoys passionate make out session with new love Aaron Rodgers on set of The Newsroom

Olivia Munn may have broken up recently with Joel Kinnaman, but she's not wasting any time with her new romance. The Newsroom beauty, 33, was literally all over her hunky new man, football star Aaron Rodgers, 30, when he visited on the Los Angeles set of her HBO show. The couple was spotted making out next to one of the trailers and in full view of anyone who chanced to walk by.

Olivia had nothing but love for Aaron, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, as she put both arms around him and leaned in for an ardent smooch. She had him pinned against the bungalow but he didn't seem to mind. At one point, Olivia threw a huge gleeful smile at some onlookers who chanced to catch them in the act.