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Tilda Swinton returns to her trademark pixie crop for lazy day with partner Sandro

As a serious actress, she is prepared to change her looks for a role. But Tilda Swinton looked undeniably relieved to be back in her own clothes on Sunday, after sporting a wig and heavy make-up on set the day before.

Arriving at The Bowery, New York with her partner Sandro Kopp, the 53-year-old looked much more comfortable in a black caftan than the frilly dress she had to wear on Saturday.

Gone were the honey-coloured locks demanded by the role, and instead the Chronicles Of Narnia star rocked her trademark platinum blonde pixie crop.

The pale-skinned beauty also returned to her favourite make-up free look, having scrubbed off the layers of bronzer and heavy eye make-up her character requires.

Meanwhile, painter Sandro struck a colourful note in a David Bowie T-shirt, blue shorts and matching socks and loafers. Sandro was also spotted on the Trainwreck set on Saturday, wearing a smart dark suit and tie.

They were shooting what appeared to be a funeral scene in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, indicating that Sandro may well be set to appear in the film alongside Tilda.

Trainwreck's plot is so far a closely-guarded secret, but with the inclusion of Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader and Last Comic Standing alum Amy Schumer, the project will certainly be a comedy. Written by Hader and Schumer, the flick is helmed by Knocked-Up director Judd Apatow and will hit US theaters in July 2015.

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