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Beyonce and Jay Z land in New York with daughter Blue amid rumours of a rift in their marriage

As rapper Jay Z nestled little Blue Ivy in his arms during a sea side outing Sunday, Beyonce – dressed down in denim shorts and a hooded sweatshirt – followed closely behind.

Protective papa Jay Z carried the quickly growing two-year-old along the windy shore, making sure to defend her from the sea breeze by snuggling her into his arms.

The couple - who have recently seen reports emerge that their marriage is on the rocks - appeared to be showing a sign of unity as they ventured out.

In Touch Weekly, however, reports multi-millionaire hip-hop star Jay Z has been two-timing his wife with a New York hostess named Casey Cohen, who he reportedly sees at least twice a month.

The allegations come less than a month after a video surfaced showing Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, attacking Jay Z in an elevator at the 2014 Met Gala – supposedly for having a girlfriend on the side.

The cheating rumours are new for the couple, (huh?) who are extolled as having one of the best marriages in music.

On Sunday, the normally glammed up Beyonce was dressed down and make-up free, wearing a hood over her head and sunglasses to cover her eyes.

The Dangerously In Love singer looked on as Jay Z carried their daughter onto a boat that transported the family to their waiting car – and back home.

The superstars are sneaking in some needed family time before beginning their joint On The Run tour in Miami June 25th. The husband and wife team have already sold out concerts across the country.

The concert preparations are apparently so intense, it caused them to skip the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian last month. But the no-show was interpreted as a snub by many as Jay Z was in line to be Kanye's best man at one time.

more photos @Source.
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