Today is a holy day - Yeezus turns 37! & Kim considering a love tattoo?

He may be husband number three, but Kim Kardashian seems to think that this marriage will stick, as she's reportedly considering getting a tattoo in honour of her relationship with Kanye West.

The couple pledged their eternal love for each other when they married on May 24, but now Kim is deciding whether or not to prove her love with some permanent ink.

It won't be a decision entered into lightly, as the 33-year-old is currently tattoo-free, but Kim has reportedly been discussing the designs she would consider.

“Getting a tattoo is something she said she would never do,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“But there has been talk about getting a symbol or some initials referring to her love for Kanye inked on her lower back or somewhere discreet.

“It would be something delicate, simple.”

blessed be on this holy day