Shay Mitchell covers Esquire Philippines

Shay Mitchell is gracing this month’s cover of Esquire Philippines, and she looks beautiful! Donning black lingerie, the Pretty Little Liars star shows some skin in the black-and-white cover. The international magazine dubs her “The Sexiest Woman Alive” — and we couldn’t agree more!

The ultra sexy black and white cover also features quotes from inside the magazine, including one from Shay. “When she talks more about her passions and philosophies, she becomes more fierce, more curt, less polite. It’s very sexy.” Is she chatting about her on-screen counterpart Emily Fields? Because those insights totally apply to the decisive, independent character who has seen such growth over the last four seasons on Pretty Little Liars. Or might she be talking about someone else? There are so many cool, powerful women who fit that description.

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