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Owl City and Lana Del Rey share a creative muse...


It’s been a minute since we heard from Owl City, but earlier in the day, Adam Young returned to the limelight with the announcement that he will be releasing a new EP titled Ultraviolet on June 27. Check out the record’s cover art by following the jump below, and swing over to his official website to unlock a new song clip and the EP’s complete track listing.

Back in March, Owl City teamed up with violinist Lindsey Stirling to produce the bubbly single, “Beautiful Times.” If for some reason you missed it, it can also be found below.

Let us know if you’re excited for Ultraviolet in the replies, and follow us on Twitter for more entertainment news for today’s generation.

Lana Gif

Adam Gif

Lana's cultural impact making itself known. But really, this is actual proof that musical icons think alike. #lanaadamcollab2014
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