Cheryl Cole is back with a bang and here to stay after huge BGT performance!


Tonight the nation's sweetheart, Cheryl Cole made her television return. She came back, with a bang. Well, with all those lights, there were actually quite a few.
Many thought she wouldn’t, nobody more so than the singer herself.
Many slagged her off when she announced she was to star on the X Factor this year. There was a consensus across the often vile internet that she was going back on herself, that she failed at everything else so she went crawling back to Simon Cowell.
She didn’t. In fact, the very fact that exactly 12 years after she made her TV debut while auditioning for Popstars: The Rivals, Chezza is still going strong. She’s still got a career, she’s still earning millions.
Quite an achievement really. And here’s why...
After beating off thousands of other young women to win a place in Girls Aloud, Cheryl was one of five starlets. Then she met Arsenal footballer Ashley Cole, they married, he cheated, she won her role on the X Factor, Ashley cheated again - and again, then she got malaria. Then Cowell humiliated her by sacking her from the US X Factor after just a few auditions.

And she isn’t so fussed about the fame this time round either. Cheryl is doing the X Factor purely to find a talent, to find an act that will have a career as successful as hers has been. She isn’t bothered about sparring with the other female judge on the show, she couldn’t give a you-know-what.
For our Chezza is grafter and she knows how lucky she was to have won that opportunity 12 years ago.
After all of the lessons she’s learnt, nothing is going to ruin it for her this time.
So rather than bitch about Cheryl because she's a beautiful, successful woman, let's celebrate her. She is after all a working class girl who pulled herself out of poverty to achieve so much.
And isn't that what good old Britain is all about?


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Queen Chezza