Pokemon Alpha and Omega: Showing at E3 2014, New Mega Evolutions + Reveal of the Protagonists!

Pokemon fans are in for an epic adventure in Pokemon Alpha and Omega for Nintendo 3DS which is set to come out worldwide this November.

The first Ruby and Sapphire experience for many fans were the Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby games in 2003 for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.

Amazon is now listing the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby games for pre-order, with a release date in December, though this might just as well be a placeholder until a specific release date is announced.

The games Pokemon Alpha and Omega have been found on the list among games that Nintendo will present at the E3 2014, which takes place next week in Los Angeles, June 10 to 12.

There will be digital events for party games as well as press releases where more details of the listed title games will be given.

On June 10, Nintendo's E3 Digital Event will take place. Included on the list, Bill Trinen of Nintendo America, who serves as the product marketing manager, will be one of the presenters for Pokemon Alpha and Omega.


I'm excited for Mega Swampert but I really don't like the redesign of the Male Protagonist imo.