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Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Designing An Engagement Ring

Two of Hollywood’s favorite stars, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are reportedly planning to get hitched! The two were out looking for wedding rings in New York City’s Diamond District, according to ‘Star.’

Andrew Garfield, 30, and Emma Stone, 25, have decided to take their love not just on set, but off set — the two are reported to be engaged, as they were seen ring shopping in New York City! We’ve seen their undeniable chemistry on the big screen during The Amazing Spider-Man, so we’re super excited for them!

After an amazing press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Andrew and Emma are taking their love off screen and are reported to be tying the knot! The two were spotted looking for wedding rings in New York City’s Diamond District in the beginning of May. I think everyone’s been waiting for this to happen!

“They were looking for a loose emerald-shaped stone. They want to design an engagement ring together,” an insider told Star Magazine.

The couple has been going steady for more than two years — so fans have been anxiously awaiting this day! However, a source revealed that Andrew had proposed to Emma a long time ago but they only started looking for the dream ring now.

The source told Star, “He’s always known that she’s The One.” Aw, how cute!

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