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New music from not Good Charlotte

After 16 years and five albums, Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden are pausing to record under the name the Madden Brothers. "There’s a honesty to the name that allows us to say things and do things and experiment with things," Joel Madden tells Rolling Stone.

The album, which Joel says will hopefully be out by this summer, is being executive produced by Pharrell. "The inception of the project was me and Joel and Pharrell in a room just talking music and music now, where it’s been, where we’ve all been," Benji says. "And then we wrote one song together."

The seeds were planted even eariler than that, though, with the brothers' recent mixtape, Before The Fame: The Madden Brothers, which features, among others, Wiz Khalifa, Kreyashawn and Machine Gun Kelly. "It’s been a cool break from the norm for us and the Madden Brothers record is quite different from the mixtape in a lot of ways, and similar in other ways," Joel says. "It’s definitely left some influences on our style."

But he clarifies: "It doesn’t mean we’re starting a career in hip-hop, by any means. We’ve always been fans and hung around in studios in the hip-hop world as guys who love it."

The Madden Brothers' record blends the pair's rock influences with Pharrell's sound. "Not only has he co-written a bunch of the songs, but there are also some jazz chords – that little Pharrell twist," Benji says. "But because it’s a rock-based record it’s my belief that sonically we need to do a lot of the recording with guys that have been recording guitars and drums and what have you for their whole life."

So to find the right mix of styles they wanted, the pair went to Texas to record four songs with the Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary producing. "We like his work and he’s an awesome guy," says Joel.

Good Charlotte fans may be in for a shock, though. "It is a completely different project – it sounds nothing like Good Charlotte other than that you’ll recognize our voices," Benji says. "But there are a lot of acoustic guitars and we're working with a whole different set of people. I’m definitely excited for people to hear [the new music]. It’s some of my favorite songs we’ve written so far."

Still, they assure us this is just a temporary break from Good Charlotte, one he hopes fans will be as psyched for as they are. "We love our fans, we love the things Good Charlotte has afforded us to do and continues to afford us to do," Joel says. "So we don’t want to alienate anyone that likes our band – we want them to enjoy this in a different way."

You just knew this day would come. Good Charlotte is no more, and please welcome now The Madden Brothers! Joel and Benji Madden are back in the music business four years after the disbandment of Good Charlotte and three years after the brothers decided to release the strange 'Before, Volume 1’ mixtape.

The Madden Brothers (now as an official duo) have signed a deal with Capitol Records, will release their first album ‘Greetings from California’ in October, and the two released on iTunes last Monday (June 2) the first single, ‘We Are Done’. What a title!

“We worked a very long time on this record,” explains Joel. “We’ve been working for almost three years on this Madden Brothers record and were so happy to finally be done with it.” And Good Charlotte fans don’t need to worry! “Good Charlotte will always be,” he adds. “It’s in our DNA, but it’s the Madden Brothers now, so we just decided to break off and do this new thing. We had to spend almost three years trying to find our sound … and get inspired.”

This The Madden Brothers project is really beneficial especially to Benji. He's, to put it simple, the most unsuccessful of the Madden brothers (although he is now dating Cameron Diaz). Joel married Nicole Richie, had two beautiful children with her and most-recently he’s been a coach in The Voice Australia.

The Madden Brothers’s first single ‘We Are Done’ is such a SHOCK, though. You wouldn’t expect a sound like it from Joel and Benji at all, especially knowing their origins in Good Charlotte. The Madden Brothers should have released ‘We Are Done’ as their first single in the UK, and choose a different track for the US.. Why? Because ‘We Are Done’ sounds like 60s British pop! The song is cute, but releasing this as their first single in the US is such a risky move. This will either be a huge hit or flop. No in-betweens!

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The Rolling Stones article is old as dirt but the song they put out is new (Monday). But I figured I'd post the recap since I doubt anyone remembered it happening.

IDK guys, I don't think the song sucks. So there's that.
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