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Variety's roundtable of Emmy contenders for best actor

In this video: Josh Radnor gets fired, Will Arnett also gets fired, Key and Peele are interchangeable in the minds of their fans and also their heads are interchangeable with those of children, Will Arnett is racist, and the guy from Silicon Valley likes video games.

Why are all these people talking about all these things? Why, it's Variety's selection of possible Emmy contenders for best actor in a comedy! Are these really the five most plausible nominees?

But most importantly, Jonathan Groff talks about his anus. The focus on Groff's ass is not just me being Looking-obsessed -- Variety has chosen this brief moment as the one and only highlight clip to pull from the twenty-minute video. And then, in a clip that is solely about ass, they choose to bleep out the word "ass", making the punchline semi-unintelligible. Odd.

Elsewhere on the net, I've read knowledgeable folks speculating that the only practical way to cover an anus is to plug that anus. Do you think that's true? Was poor Raul Castillo nose-to-buttplug in the scene of intimacy referred to here? Groff does say that the device is an ad hoc creation by the head of Looking's costume shop, so it might be anything.

But butts aside, who gets your vote for the comedic actor Emmy, ontd? In my perfect world, it'd be either William Macy or Louie C.K.

Tags: arrested development (fox / netflix), black celebrities, how i met your mother (cbs), jonathan groff, television - hbo

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