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Bill Cosby Wears Sweatpants to Memorial for Friend Lewis Katz

It wasn't hard to spot Bill Cosby at Lewis Katz's memorial on Wednesday.

The 76-year-old was one of nearly 1,400 mourners who gathered at the Temple Performing Arts Center in Philadelphia for an emotional memorial service to honor the philanthropist and Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner who died on Saturday at the age of 72 after his jet crashed during takeoff in Bedford, Massachusetts. But in a sea of black suits, Cosby stood out by wearing bright burgundy Temple University sweat pants.

The comedian sported the informal attire to pay respects to his close friend who was a classmate of his at Temple. Bill also wore a black T-shirt that read, "Self-Made, Philly Made, Temple Made" as he spoke fondly of Lewis and recounted how much he had given back to the city, including two Boys and Girls Clubs.

During his speech, Cosby stressed that people not only need to carry on Lewis's legacy but care for the many contributions he made. "You better not let it drop. You better not let it fall," said Cosby. "Lewis Katz lives in what you do to the gifts that were given to you. You will treat these gifts as gifts — not something to be thrown in the trash.

"You don't wait for people to come along and do it," he continued. "You do it... You don't have to have big money. All you have to have is yourself."


His speech was really good.  I worked a couple of trustee events during my senior year of Temple, and I know Katz would have appreciated this.
Tags: black celebrities, comedy / comedian, death

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