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Jessica Alba opens up about childhood illness

"I was really sick when I was a kid," said Alba, who grew up with her dad away in the military. "My mom was with me a lot, and it was tough on my family because my mom had to spend a lot of nights in a cot next to my bed in the hospital."

Troubles for Jessica started with chronic asthma and allergies. She also had surgery on her kidneys and operations removing her tonsils and appendix.

Alba spoke with Williams at an event she threw for military families in San Diego called Operation Shower -- a massive baby shower for military wives whose husbands have to miss out on the special time, because they're serving and protecting our country.

A mother herself -- she has two daughters with husband Cash Warren -- Alba knows the importance of family.

"If we can support them in any way we can, that's why we're here," said Alba. "We have a lot of admiration for anyone that makes that sacrifice."

Jessica Alba Street Style – Out in Culver City

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do you have illnesses or diseases, ontd?
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